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DELTA SEAL CAMP - For 4 incredibly intense days, shared everything they knew about close-quarters weapons and unarmed combat.

We brought together former Navy SEALS and DELTA Force soldiers to teach their spec-op level armed and unarmed skills to a small group of ordinary civilians for 4 intense days, word quickly got back to Washington - and the whole thing sent shockwaves throughout the entire Defense bureaucracy!

These camps were the most complete training in elite level military hand-to-hand and firearm expertise ever offered to anyone outside the Special Forces.

And what’s so great about this training you’ll see is, it’s all "packaged" to be learned fast (overnight, really)… even if you’ve never trained in anything before! In fact…

You don’t need any previous training or skills at all – most the attendees had no military experience, no gun-handling and no self-defense training before coming to these camps!

You don’t need to be in good shape (or any kind of shape at all) – this was not a bootcamp based on survival skills! In fact, many of the attendees were "desk jockey" types, including executives from Fortune 500 corporations (aged 50 and over)… and others were young students from every walk of life and occupation imaginable!

In fact, all you really need to get the most from these training tapes is the simple desire to change your life, quickly… to stop walking in fear , and instead, give yourself (and your loved ones) the immediate, totally-devastating skills necessary to control every potentially-violent situation you could ever encounter in this increasingly-dangerous world!

Here’s a "taste" of what you’ll learn:

Incredible "military tricks" that can take you from absolute rookie to a master of the handgun in just a few short hours!

Insider fighting secrets that only the most elite soldiers who have faced real combat could ever share with you!

How to handle a weapon better under overwhelming stress than most people can in the calm serenity of an empty firing range!

The 8 huge mistakes almost all men make with firearms… and how to handle your weapon like an expert overnight! (Even if you’ve never picked up a gun before in your life!)

Where to strike your opponent to end any fight instantly , no matter how big he is, or how surprised you are by the attack!

The 12 "tactical" survival rules you must know to win an armed encounter with any attacker – including the horrendous "Hollywood" mistakes most people make that get them seriously hurt or killed! (Some of the most "normal tendencies" you have are 100% wrong !)

The one "basic" mistake even some cops and soldiers make (despite their expensive training) that erases their training advantage in a streetfight! (You’ll never fall victim to it yourself!)

Why a simple change in your " mindset " will mean the difference between being a victim… and being safe !

How to handle pepper spray! (A great tool that even the most deadly soldiers now consider an important part of their self-defense package – but you must know how to handle it correctly!)

Single takedown moves that require no strength whatsoever! ( Perfect to teach your kids and wife… or to use when you’re hurt or attacked by bigger men!)

How to immediately win a fight if you find yourself on the ground, on your back, with a bigger opponent on top of you!

Why untrained shooters often pick the wrong targets 100% of the time!

How to cancel out the 7 most common ways criminals surprise families inside their own homes!

The 2 "warrior-tested" combat secrets of winning a fight every time! How to unleash the "animal secret" within you that can turn around any situation where you are horribly outnumbered and surprised! (A 40lb. wolverine uses this secret to drive off whole wolf packs from their own kill!)

The fastest way for even a gentle, never-in-trouble man to instantly bring up the necessary aggressive response to attack! (This secret is often all you need to force back an assault, since most criminals are not prepared for expert, aggressive counter measures!)

How to control the "shakes" and super-hot adrenaline dump that occurs during tense, violent situations! (You’ll be cool, smooth and effective no matter how confusing things get… just the opposite of how most men react!)

How to "finish" a complicated situation with clever (yet simple) pain-compliance tactics that will give you have complete control over your opponent!

Plus, how to fight (and win) barehanded against clubs and knives… how to choose the right gun for you … how to teach your wife and kids the basics of self-defense (so they will never be surprised by an attacker)… and more.

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