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Indian Fighting Skills DVD – Randall Brown

The man who shares these skills with you… is probably the most RESPECTED fighter ever!

His name is Randall Brown, and he fears no one! Despite the fact he had to beg and prove himself to the Indian fighters who taught him these skills. It took Randall years to win the confidence of the men who finally revealed these brutal arts to him.

What’s so special about these skills? Well, for starters…

1. You will learn to snap an attacker’s neck with three different (and very easy) moves. (It’s even worse for him if he has snuck up on you.)

2. You will learn the most devastating punch ever thrown by a man against another man… a move that can stop a heart, yet will not hurt your hand. (And requires no strength.)

3. You will learn how to quickly "break down" an attacker twice your size and weight… turning him into a pile of bleeding beef at your feet in a matter of seconds.

4. You will learn how to escape from having your hands tied… reverse a knife-to-your-throat situation (very nasty and bloody)… how to flip monster-sized attackers as easily as tossing a box of cereal across the room (breaking his back, and pulverizing his guts in the process)… and a dozen more easy moves that will shock and incapacitate ANY sized attacker.

5. And… you will learn astonishing "instant take out" moves you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Not anywhere. Not by anyone.

Randall stresses that he did NOT add an ounce of "Asian Martial Arts" to this system. He did not "build" or piece together his own system. No way. What he teaches you is nothing but pure, distilled, untouched "Plains Indian" fighting techniques…an extremely savage and brutal fighting system the Plains Indians used in the extremely savage and brutal world in which they lived.

This is completely unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

This fighting instruction is going to rock your world, instilling sizzling new confidence and mega-dangerous self-defense moves that will shock and surprise the hell out of anyone who dares attack you.

And… it’s going to happen so FAST your head will spin.

Total Run Time: 2 Hrs 15 Min

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