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Instructional Fight training DVD’s on unconventional fighting methods are designed to teach you, and your family members, how to not only level the playing field, but also to give you a distinct advantage, in any violent situation where your safety is threatened!

Naturally you do not want to be violent, and you don’t want your kids fighting with other kids, ever, but… when anyone in your family is attacked by someone who means them harm, or possibly worse, (as in a predator or criminal) it is good for them to know a few moves for personal protection to ward-off the attacker, and possibly teach him a lesson.

Self defense DVDs like these will never be found in a store where you can buy or rent a Disney classic, or any modern day movie, these are a highly specialized production, and the pricing is not similar to movies and entertainment DVDs.

These are all professionally produced and created, and the people who made them are experts in the art of self-defense, and other various disciplines of fighting and even some martial arts. The whole family can learn some possible life-saving moves from these awesome DVDs.
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Unarmed Combat Course Frank Cucci

U.S. Navy SEAL Unarmed Combat Instructor Reveals Amazing Combat Proven Fighting System!

…Especially Effective If You Are Surprised, Out-numbered Or Just Caught…

Street Safe DVD Paul Vunak

Street Safe DVD Paul Vunak

Top Secret Hand-To-Hand Fighting System Finally Released To Civilians!

"And, of course, the most amazing thing is…

Small Mans Advantage Bob Taylor

"Why Are The Biggest and Toughest Fighters So Terrified Of Little Bobby Taylor?"

In the most sizzling display of raw fighting…

Russian Fighting System DVD

Russian Fighting System DVD Vladimir Vasiliev

Vicious Russian "Top Secret" Spec Op Military Fighting System Finally Revealed By Defiant "Underdog" U.S.…

Rapid Assault Tactics DVD

Rapid Assault Tactics DVD Paul Vunak

It’s a close-up look at the private "first choice" termination-level Jeet Kune Do combat training…

Israeli Connection DVD

Israeli Connection DVD Nir Maman

His name is Nir Maman (pronounced "Near"). He’s a former Israeli special forces commando and top…

Indian Fighting Skills DVD

Indian Fighting Skills DVD – Randall Brown

The man who shares these skills with you… is probably the most RESPECTED fighter…

Fighting Mindset DVD Ben Cooley

Fighting Mindset DVD Ben Cooley

This is the identical training that has saved the lives of cops and soldiers… and yet…

Fight To Win DVD Jim West

Fight To Win DVD Jim West

Carjacked…Beaten…Assaulted… WORSE!

She’s your girlfriend. Your wife. Your daughter. Your sister. Your mother. Your best friend.


Delta Seal Camp DVD series

DELTA SEAL CAMP - For 4 incredibly intense days, shared everything they knew about close-quarters weapons and unarmed combat.

We brought…

Combat JKD Chris Clugston

Why are black belts, boxers, Ju Jitsu wrestlers. and especially those silly macho "military" guys who claim to be so…

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